Society for the Interdisciplinary Research on the Canary Islands and Mediterranean Cultures
Member of the International Federation of Rock Art Organizations (IFRAO)


Honorary President:
Her Majesty Doña Sofía,
Queen of Spain



IC members are mainly comprised of specialists, institutes and interested persons. The society is engaged in a worldwide exchange of publications with numerous universities, academies and research institutes in 21 countries.

The membership fee includes:

  • Subscription to the yearbook "Almogaren" that contains studies of the prehistory and history of the Canary Islands and Mediterranean cultures as well as contributions on scientific subjects of general interest.
  • "IC-Nachrichten": the digital issue contains current reports on the latest research, short general scientific contributions, reviews of new publications, a platform for readers etc.
  • Services like bibliographical and scientific information.
  • Members have the possibility to publish scientific papers within the IC-publications (provided they meet international scientific standards).
Yearly Membership Fees
EUR (€)
Ordinary members
Sponsoring members
Institution - as ordinary member

  • To become a member you can use the Online application form. If you need more information or if you want to order the application form by mail you can contact our society by mail or email. Thank you for your interest.