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Scientific publication series of the Institutum Canarium

Almogaren is the most important publication series of the Institutum Canarium containing studies about the prehistory and history of the Canary Islands and mediterranean cultures. There is a worldwide exchange of publications with universities, academies and research institutes. Almogaren has been published since 1970. It consists of more than 50 volumes with more than 700 contributions (in German, Spanish, English and French). The journal can be found in many of the major libraries in Europe. In 2020 the Almogaren changed from a printed format to a solely digital one. The latter means also that starting with Nr. 51 all articles of an edition can be downloaded as PDF (a so-called separatum).

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IC-Nachrichten (News bulletin)

Our journal (in German) for members and friends of the Institutum Canarium which contains current reports on the latest research results, review of new publications, a platform for readers etc. Since 2013 the 'IC-Nachrichten' are published as digital publication.

Selection of short scientific articles (sorted by editions)
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"IC-Digital" is a project to prepare and offer our publications as electronic documents. A list can be accessed on the site "IC-Digital":

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Special Publications

Furthermore there are editions that focus on topics of special interest like extensive studies, reprints of interesting books, articles, extensive bibliographies.

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